1. Who am I?
    My name is Kevin Murakoshi.  I’m a full time student at UC Davis, an assistant systems administrator in the Chemistry Department and a fencing Coach. I’m also a certified Provost at Arms in Classical Italian Fencing.
  2. What’s this historical fencing thing?
    A slightly more refined look at fencing through the ages, it trancends the mere caveman approach used by modern fencers into something approaching godliness.   No more “stick pointy end into other guy”, we must examine what dead people thought about how to end a …pointed discussion.  It’s like poncy plus stabbing, so you never have to worry about the poncy, because you can just stab them.
  3. Why gumbyfencer.com?
    During my Instructor at Arms exam at San Jose State, one of the board members told me that I looked “like some sort of gumby fencer.” After that I bought this domain.  Take that,  stick-assed board member!

About this Site

I am a fencing coach at Davis Fencing Academy, the Epee coach for the UC Davis Fencing Club, and an historical fencer. I hold a Provost at Arms certificate from the San Jose State Fencing Masters Program.

This blog contains my musings on historical fencing, and a record of private lessons given to my students.

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