SF Bay Area HEMA

This is an informal list of HEMA and HEMA related groups in the SF Bay Area.

Albion School of Defence: (Berkeley, CA)

These guys are a mostly Theatrical Swordplay group that meets on Tuesdays in Berkeley.



CSG Oakland (Oakland, CA)

This is Oscar Erkenswick’s group in the East Bay. They meet Saturdays at 11AM



Botta Secreta Productions: (San Francisco, CA)

I’m not sure what these guys are up to right now, they used to meet at Haldberstadt fencing club in SF. They also ran/are running a Bartisu group at Fearless Fitness (below). I can find out more if you’re interested.


Tosetti Institute: (Redwood City, CA)

This is a part MMA gym, part HEMA studio. They run classes focusing mostly on German longsword and Bolognese sidesword, but with seminars and fight days on some weekends.



Davenriche Academy of Arms: (Santa Clara, CA)

They do a variety of weapons including longsword, rapier, saber, etc.



Schola St George: (Mountain View CA)

There used to be a group meeting in Fremont, but I can’t find it anymore. Mostly Fiore’s longsword/etc. I don’t know any of them well, but I know they’re out there.



The Fencing Center (San Jose, CA)
Another Modern club that is starting a HEMA program. I’ve been in touch with their lead HEMA instructor and they look promising. Not much on the web page yet, but they just changed physical locations. I’d expect something soon.



En Guard Fencing Club: (Santa Rosa CA)

This is a modern club that has a HEMA group meeting in it. I think they meet Thursdays, but I’m not sure. If you’re thinking of going out there, I can send some emails and find out.


Davis Fencing Academy: (Davis, CA)

This is the modern fencing club where I work. Let me know and I can bring out the other gear.



Sacramento Sword School: (Sacramento, CA)

This is the group I work most with. We focus on Pachequistan Destreza.



Sacramento FreiFecter:(Sacramento, CA)

This is Ted’s group, I’ll let him describe it. They focus mainly on Meyer’s longsword



Infinite Potential (Elk Grove, CA)

This activity center (Parkour, dance, archery, martial arts) Offers rapier classes based partly on SCA rapier.



Sacramento HEMA (Sacramento, CA)

This is another German Longsword group in Sacramento. They meet Saturday’s at 10AM


The UCD Group is not meeting for the rest of the school year.


Beyond the groups that do WMA/HEMA, there are also a good number of SCA rapier practices as well. Some of them have started exploring german longsword traditions as well.


Sacramento Gather:

Thursday nights at 7:00PM



Rockridge BART practice:

Thursday nights 7:00PM



Golden Gate Park Practice:

Sundays 1PM



Santa Cruz Practice:

Thursdays 7:00PM


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I am a fencing coach at Davis Fencing Academy, the Epee coach for the UC Davis Fencing Club, and an historical fencer. I hold a Provost at Arms certificate from the San Jose State Fencing Masters Program.

This blog contains my musings on historical fencing, and a record of private lessons given to my students.

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